Spring is Here

The weather in March was beautiful, no comparison at all as to what we had last year. I can’t remember that we had such a perfect spring in long time. It was warm (up to 24°C on several days) and always sunny. I really can’t remember any spring at all in the last years, the weather always changed right from snow to heat.

April is a little bit different now, but it stays true to its name: The weather changes from sunny to cloudy to rain to hail to storm every five minutes. You can’t really trust the weather forecast at all right now. And no jacket really fits my belly anymore… Nooooo…

But nevertheless you can still feel that it’s spring. After a strong rainfall last week I went outside and took some photos of beautiful cherry blossoms that I found on trees not far away from home:

DSC03724 DSC03727 DSC03729 DSC03730 DSC03732 DSC03733 DSC03735 DSC03738 DSC03742 DSC03745 DSC03753 DSC03754 DSC03758

I was really happy to find out, that some trees are still in full bloom since most of them already lost their blossoms two to three weeks ago ;_;. When I went by these trees today, they still had most of their blossoms, but they were slowly falling down now.

I hope the weather will be getting a little better again soon, because I want to take even more spring photos as long as I can.

A New Chapter in My Life

Hi everyone!

I’m really sorry about the lack of updates in the last months. Somehow I just didn’t feel like writing much. And then so much has changed in my life as well: Last year in November Tom and me found out that we will be expecting a child.

I was really surprised at first, not that I became pregnant of course XD, because we wanted to have children now and stopped using any birth control in late summer, I already stopped using Evra in late 2012, but since as you might know I was having a pretty hard time and had to take several medicines I had to wait a bit before really starting our plan. But I was kinda surprised – fortunate and happy of course, but somehow surprised that everything worked out within only two months.

My gynecologist told my that it takes around 11 months in average to get pregnant and that I shouldn’t even hope to plan anything. Then my neurologist also told me that in my state back in late 2012, it won’t be even possible to get pregnant, which made me feeling even worse, because I really felt ready to have a baby. I was also 30 years old, and I read everywhere that the fertility rate drops pretty fast after the mother becomes 30.

On the other hand, both of our families seemed to never had any problems on getting pregnant: My mother has 3 kids, my father 5 in total and Tom’s mother has 4 kids. Tom’s family is so big, I don’t even know everyone.

I already used some pregnancy tests before, and except for one that came out invalid, all of them were – of course – negative. So on that day in November 2013 I didn’t have much hope. My period was pretty irregular since I stopped using Evra, and most of the time it took around 4 and a half week, so I didn’t really expect anything when I was already one week over the normal time.

When it showed a positive result, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I woke up Tom and told him about it. We both were very happy. After that I had to wait another 2 weeks until I had the first appointment at my gynecologist. I was pretty terrified at that time to wait for so long (it seemed like an eternity), because I just couldn’t wait for an official result, but they told me on the telephone it would be too small, yet.

So two weeks later I had my first ultrasound (week 6):


Yeah, I know, there isn’t really anything to see yet, but at least I knew that there really was something inside of me and the test was correct. Because we couldn’t really identify anything on that picture, we just called it Schnipselchen (like a snippet), and it became its nickname. Now I had to wait for another month.

The first thing I noticed was that I got more exhausted when climbing stairs or thing like that. I even noticed that while I didn’t even know about the pregnancy. I also felt more tired than before, but that didn’t really bother me much. I also noticed, how my breasts got bigger and for around one month they really hurt, especially while sleeping. Then soon after the first ultrasound in November I started losing my appetite completely. I had to force myself eating a little bit of yoghurt in the morning, and when it was time for lunch break, I just sat there and just couldn’t get myself to think of something that I’d like to eat. Normally I tried to eat at least some rice or noodles with vegetables, but the portions were very small. Anyway I felt happy that I didn’t really feel nauseous (only sometimes in the mornings, if I hadn’t eaten anything yet), but I never had to throw up. Apart from that I really felt well.

Shortly before Christmas I had my second ultrasound (week 11):


This time you could finally recognize that this is indeed a baby. And most importantly a healthy baby. Right after christmas I went to the hospital for the first time for the birth registration. There was some confusion about the birth date of my child, but I got another great ultrasound while I was there:


Over New Year we stayed in Hannover with my family. Around that time my appetite finally (and luckily!) found back to me again. I am still kinda sad, that there are so many delicious things, that I’m not allowed to eat at the moment like sushi, matjes, salami, scrambled eggs and so on. I also try to reduce not so healthy things like Cola, also because of the caffeine. Sometimes it’s really hard. You want to eat fresh and healthy, but then all of the fresh meat, fruits and vegetables and at the supermarket are already moldy, or if they aren’t when you buy them, they surely are on the next day. You shouldn’t eat already processed or raw food so you have to cook, but you shouldn’t use induction cooking as well, because it might be bad for the baby inside of you near the induction field @_@. Sometimes I really feel confused about what to eat now.

The next ultrasound was at the end of January (week 15):


Now you can finally see a real baby. So cute ^___^. Also my doctor told my that it’s really likely that it’s going to be a baby boy. But he couldn’t say it for sure, but even I saw that there was something a girl wouldn’t have ^.~.

Not long after that I got a really bad cold. In fact I had an inflammation of the throat and ears. And I wasn’t allowed to take any medicine, except for homeopathic one, which didn’t help in any way. I felt pretty miserable and weak and was also worried about the baby. I really haven’t been this sick for years… I stayed two weeks at home, but then I finally felt better. I was so happy being able to sleep and go outside again.

It was also around that time when I felt the first kick of my baby, and yes it was a kick or a punch! So you read everywhere, that the first movements feel like a tickle or like butterflies, but not so with my child. At first I wasn’t quite sure, if it is in fact the baby moving (if you never had a baby before, you don’t know what it feels like), it might have also been air in my stomach, but soon I knew that this was in fact really different from what I ever felt before. And yes he’s very active. There are times, where I don’t feel anything at all for a few hours, but especially in the evenings and nights he always likes to party ^,^°.

At the end of February I then had the organ screening at another doctor:


Here you can see one of the small feet!


He’s a thinker, or is it a facepalm? Nevertheless he’s healthy, everything is perfect fine and she also confirmed that it’s going to be a boy.

After that I became sick again >.<. My immune system really isn’t the same anymore, but if everyone around you is sick (and there were a lot of sick people at work), there isn’t really much you can do when you’re pregnant. Now it’s important, that it protects my little baby, but I really didn’t need to have a bronchitis. But fortunately everything is fine again and I can go back to work for the last week before my vacation.

So for now as you can see everything is pretty great and I’m really happy. At first the time was moving really slow, but now I feel like it’s racing and July will be here by tomorrow. And there’s so much left to do. Well, I’ll still have enough time when I have my vacation.

I’ll even have more time for blogging again, at least I’ll try to and tell you more about my daily adventures ^.~. See you next time!

Dive Bar


Last week when I went shopping, I found a great new essie nail polish color called “dive bar” (#90). It’s a black-blue color with a pretty turquoise shimmer. Somehow I’ve never seen it before, so I thought it has to be a color from a limited collection but when I checked the essie website later, I found out that it’s one of the standard colors.

Normally I don’t really like black nail polishes, because they look quite boring, but with the great green-bluish shimmer it really looks different and special.

I’m a big fan of nail polishes with some shimmer in it. It somehow seems to me that they are the easiest to apply without looking flawed or not evenly applied. With matt finish colors I have the problem more often and I’m always angry about why a beautiful color has to have such a stupid texture/finish…

A good example would be butler please by essie (reviewed here). The color is so pretty, but on the nail it just looks strange. It’s quite see-through as well, so even with two layers it doesn’t look good. It’s really sad, but I regret using it again and again >.<…

Well as for dive bar, I think it’s a great color for the upcoming darker half of the year. It looks really elegant and reminds me of the deep sea or outer space. But it’s not like I wouldn’t be able to dress up colorful for autumn and winter as well ^.~.




I think I own way to many nail polishes, but I stopped my nail-polish-buying-madness already some time ago. I’ll just buy really special colors from now on. And for all the other colors? I already have all of them more or less ^.^°…

Autumn Colors





faux leather jacket – Pimkie
cardigan – H&M
turtleneck t-shirtH&M
pleated skirt – Forever 21
polka dot tights – ZARA (bought on sale for €3!)
boots – S.M.H via Humanic
Vanella owl pendantSwarovski
nail polish: essie #90 dive bar

For this outfit post I thought about taking some pictures outside, because I’m on vacation this week and I’m trying to enjoy the potentially last nice and warm days outside this year. I’m hoping for the best, but it’s getting colder and colder each day, especially in the nights. Well, as long as it’s not freezing cold or raining or just grey for half of the year, everything is still fine.

I was going for a cute autumn outfit with matching colors in brown, yellow and wine red. I really like it.

So I found this small forest like spot not far away from home, where noone was able to watch me doing my photos and think I’m crazy *lol*. Because I don’t have anyone to take photos of me (I always wonder how other bloggers do this, especially in the city. Does everyone have their own photograph running around with them each and every day. Does that mean there are actually two people without any real job???) I just put my camera inside a tree branch and set it on self timer. Most of the photos were pretty bad, with cut heads or feet or just straight out blurry, but some came out quite nice in the end. Please just ignore my self timer face – as always ^_^°…

This time I tried to edit the photos with the Windows app Fotor. I wanted to give them a warm and vintage autmun-like feeling, but I have the feeling they somehow came out different than what they looked like in the app. They also look quite pixated. Or maybe it just me and my eyes playing a trick on me. But all in all it’s really nice and so fast for editing. Maybe I’ll try it again next time.

I should try to do even more photo shoots outside in the future. I need to find some more nice places!

Adventures in Eorzea

I’m really sorry for the lack of updates as of late. When I wasn’t at work, eating or sleeping I was playing Final Fantasy XIV – a lot.

Well, I played it pretty much on any occasion, but I’m not one of those players who just rush through a game and get to max level in one or two weeks. For now our highest jobs are White Mage and Dragoon with level 30, followed by Arcanist and Marauder at level 25.

I also spend a lot time on the gathering and crafting classes to get good materials and create my own armor. Works pretty well. In the beginning it’s really easy, but it starts to get harder and slower ^,^°.

But it’s okay. In comparison to FFXI this game is so much easier. The story missions are sometimes a little bit hard, but all in all everything is pretty easy to unlock, which is somewhat sad, but I think that’s just how MMOs are now. You shouldn’t be able to get to max level within one week. I’d prefer it if you have to work a little more for what you get. And it shouldn’t be just about end game. I love it if the journey is the reward. If you ever played FFXI or a similar MMO, you know what I’m talking about.FFXI has gotten soft over the years as well, but it still takes your time to get things done. And there are places you just want to run away from, because they are so hard and scary.

Well I really enjoy it nonetheless. I love the graphics and the whole world! And it’s a lot better than version 1. Here are some of my coolest screenshots from the last three weeks:



























What do you think about Final Fantasy XIV?

Btw, I’m Meia Direwolf on Odin. You can find my Lodestone profile here.

I’m Batman

Not that long ago the first Lego Store in Austria was opened in the Shopping City Süd and of course we had to visit it.

They had so many great Lego sets, that we’ve never seen before: The tower of Saruman from Lord of the Rings, the Ewok village from Star Wars, and also all of the Marvel and DC Super Heroes sets.

And then we saw the Batman Arkham Asylum Breakout set. It looked really creative and had great Minifigures like Batman and Robin of course, the Joker, Harley Quinn, Scarecrow and Poison Ivy. The Penguin even has shorter legs!

We really wanted to buy it, but € 159.99 is not that cheap so we took our time to think about it. Unfortunately later we had to realize that someone else bought the last set. The shop assistant told us, that this is one of the best-selling sets, and that it’s sold out most of the time.

After that we just decided to order it at the Lego Online Store and just some days later it arrived here in a big, big box:


We build everything together, one working on one part, the other on another and it took us two afternoons until it was finished:











I really like all the small details, like how they created the windows, the gargoyles and all those small potions. The best thing might be the cool prison slide to open feature and all the cool figures of course. Now we just need the remaining villains like Mr. Freeze, The Riddler, Two Face and Bane, but they come with other sets.

Tom also ordered a Lego Marvel Loki key chain as a bonus for me:


Haha, he’s so cute and funny!

Turquoise Kitty

Yesterday was a beautiful day. I was my day off, and the weather was nice, the sun was shining and it was really warm again. Just a perfect end-of-summer day.

I wish the weather could be like this all year around: Not too hot and not cold, no storm and blue sky. Just think of it, you could dress up nicely everyday! I’m really sorry that I’m constantly complaining about the weather, but most of the year it just seems to be bad, especially on my days off >.<.

Well, I know it could be even worse, so I should just try to make the best out of it. So here’s my “nice weather at the end of summer day off” outfit:



cardigan – Primark
t-shirt – Hello Kitty x Forever 21
fake leather skirt – Forever 21
petticoat (can’t see it) – claire’s
striped over the knee socks – fanplusfriend
sneakers – Converse via amazon
bangle – Fossil
nail polish – essie #266 naughty nautical


I just hope that this year’s winter will be a little bit nicer ^.~.

One Piece Pirate Warriors 2 Collector’s Edition

When there are so many new games coming out, it’s a sure sign that summer is over. There’s not only Final Fantasy XIV – A Realm Reborn and Tales of Xillia (and others would also add games like Saints Row 4 and Payday 2 to the list) that came out in the last past weeks, but there’s also the second One Piece Pirate Warriors game, which was released last week.

We got the Collector’s Edition, which comes with a great figure of Luffy. Here’s our unboxing video:

As you can see, this time we were better prepared and checked out and opened everything, before we filmed the actual video XD!


The figure looks really good and lively in my opinion. Here are some photos of it:





The game itself is a massive tactical fighting game (are these called like that?) like the Dynasty Warrior games for example. My favorite example for a game similar to this would still be Drakengard, even though Drakengard is also a lot different on some points.

From what I’ve seen it looks quite funny and I love that you can have the japanese voices. I don’t even know if you can change them, but who would do this anyway? Especially if you already watched the anime in japanese.

We still have so many more anime episodes of One Piece to watch. We started to watch them right from the beginning earlier this year and we are now somewhere around episode 70 I think. It’s really hard to catch up with an anime, if there are already over 500 episodes @_@.

Well, at the moment we took a break from watching One Piece, because we started watching Game of Thrones. This is so great and crazy and addicting and perfect in any aspect… Just why didn’t we start watching this earlier?

Nocturnal Friends

Yay, I got two brand new NICI plushies: Oscar Owl and the new spider from Moonville:


I really love the striped fabric they used for the feet. It looks like he’s wearing some cute striped socks. You can also turn his head right around like real owls do, but it looks a little bit painful for him.

I named him Archimedes like the grumpy owl in the old Disney movie “The Sword in the Stone” (Die Hexe und der Zauberer/Merlin und Mim). Oh how I love this movie. We watched it again not that long ago on Disney Channel. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should definitely do it!


And this is this year’s NICI spider from the Moonville/Halloween collection. It’s really fuzzy and I like the big eyes. I really haven’t decided on a name for him yet…

I was thinking about putting him on a headband and wear it for Halloween. Well there’s still some time until then, but I have to think of a good outfit for Halloween soon. Time goes by so fast and before you really realized it another year is over.


I tried to take some photos with both of them in my bamboo outside, but with the hot summer and the recent wasp invasion it looks a bit tattered >.<… This one picture came out pretty good, but most of the time the plushies just wouldn’t stay on the thin bamboo canes.

I hope it’ll regain his old glory again, now that it’s slowly getting colder outside. He survived the last winter, so I hope for the best!


As I already metioned before it’s gotten quite cold and fall-like since last week. But we still have August? What is going on here??? First we had winter until May withour any sun whatsoever, than June was pretty nice. In July we had temperates up until 40°C and it was even to hot to do nothing at all and now we have fall again? That just can’t be true ;_;…

So here is any outfit from this week. Please ignore my still tired face and my incompetence in taking photos with self-timer:



pullover: Forever 21
skirt: Divided/H&M
over the knee socks: Forever 21
sneakers: Converse
Vona All Around Necklace: Swarovski
Ivory Pierced Earrings: Swarovski (can’t see them >.<)
black leather bracelet: Swarovski Chamilia

At least I was able to get quite a good shot of my new hair. The new color is so different, but I just love it!


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